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Welcome to Dacha Nutrition

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Welcome to Dacha Nutrition

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Welcome to Dacha Nutrition

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Natural Dietary Supplements

Our core mission is to provide people with six essential nutrients through our dietary supplements that will aid them in reaching all six dimensions of wellness. To symbolize our mission, we added a polygon to our design.



My friends gave me this as a gift and I did really want to take it. I dont like to use products that suppress my appetite because I used it before and it didnt work. My friend that knows me well bought it for me telling me that this is differnt, so I tried it.


I have multiple health conditions (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, CFS/ME, Fibro, Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis to name a few) and have desperately been looking for different vitamins and supplements that will help me to have even a small improvement to my quality of life.


I've been a long time taker of Turmeric, and I recently did a switch to Dacha because there's more ingredients, such as ginger and bioperine compared to my previous brand. I take the recommended amount of 2-3 capsules a day, and there doesn't seem to be any issues with ingesting it.


Our Ingredients

To get the highest quality ingredients, we source them from around the world and manufacture the final products in the United States.


We ensure that all our raw materials undergo scientific lab analysis and are subject to high-level testing and screening processes.


All of our ingredients are either organic or natural. Made healthy just for you!

Our Manufacturing

At DACHA, we prioritize the health of our customers, thus we consider everything that affects the quality of our final product. For example, we scrutinize the raw materials, suppliers, laboratory and manufacturing standards, all to ensure that our products conform to the FDA's verified good manufacturing practices - known in the industry as GMPs. We ensure that all our raw materials undergo scientific lab analysis and are subject to high-level testing and screening processes. Our products also meet or exceed nutraceutical and food grade requirements. We have corresponding certificate of analysis for every single ingredient that we source.

Our Integrity

With so many supplements on the market, we insist on differentiating ourselves with exceptional transparency and honesty. We list every single ingredient on our labels, including non-active ingredients, so that you know exactly what you are consuming!

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